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Aloha! We at Pure Kauai hope you are excited and looking forward to your trip to Kauai. Below are some important notes, links, and information regarding our island and Pure Kauai procedures:


Pure Kauai guests relax upon arrival, knowing they can skip the rental car agency counter and let us deliver rental cars. We work exclusively with Go Rentals at the Lihue airport. Pure Kauai guests have three convenient options for rental car delivery. Your Concierge will handle the delivery details and any airport transfer you may need.

  • Rental car delivery to your vacation home - Your car will be at the house when you arrive!
  • Rental car delivery to the Lihue Airport (LIH) baggage claim - Your car will be curbside at the baggage claim!
  • Rental car delivery to the Lihue Private Jetway (PHLI) - Your car will be at the private jet!

Let us help you find the perfect vehicle for your stay!

Go Rentals: Rental Car Request Form
Email: [email protected] 
Sarah Tanglin: 808-852-2261 




Haena Beach Park / Ke'e / Kalalau Trail Access: 

The ONLY WAY for visitors to go to Haena Beach Park or Kalalau Trail is to purchase a Shuttle + Pass (preferred), Pass Only (limited), or Parking + Pass (very limited). Reservations are available at and are required for anyone who is not a resident of Hawaii with a valid Hawaii ID. For non-Hawaii residents, a valid ID is still required in addition to an entry pass. Hanalei Initiative (non-profit managing reservation system) will check the ID of everyone in a car, and will deny access to non Hawaii residents without valid ID AND an entry Pass. The reservation sale process is like buying concert tickets - Shuttle + Pass (preferred), Pass Only (limited), or Parking + Pass (very limited) go on sale 30 days in advance at 12am midnight, HST. Typically Parking + Pass are sold out within 30mins of being released. Drop offs are NOT allowed without a Pass. 

Weather, Wind, and Wave Reports:

Here are our favorite reports

Hanalei Stream Info, Road Closures, and County Press Releases


Ocean Safety Video: When in doubt, DON'T GO OUT!


Reef Safe Sunscreen

Most commonly sold sunscreen brands are detrimental to our reef system. The same reef system that you enjoy snorkeling on vacation are being destroyed by chemicals in these sunscreens. Together, let's create a sustainable future for our reef ecosystems. Hawaii is the first state in the USA to ban the sale of sunscreen containing the coral-harming chemicals like oxybenzone and octinoxate, ushering in a new era of reef safe sunscreens. A law banning most commonly sold sunscreens you know on the mainland went into effect January 1, 2021. Below are some options of for reef safe sunscreen. You can also add reef safe sunscreen to your pre-arrival shopping list and we will have it at the house.

Here is a list of sunscreens that are Made in Hawaii, and are reef safe.


Trip Preparation and FAQs


Where do I have items sent to via mail?

None of our vacation homes accept mail or packages. All items should be mailed to the Pure Kauai office as addressed below. Your Concierge will deliver them to the house once they arrive.

Pure Kauai
Attn: (Concierge name)
5118 iolani place
Princeville, HI 96722

What are the standard check in and check out times?

Our properties include a 3 pm check in and 10 am check out. We do try and accommodate early check in or later check out requests, if possible. If you have an evening flight and would like an evening check out, that is available for 1/2 day rate plus tax for a check out up until 6 pm. Late check out requests must be received prior to arrival on island.

What are check out procedures?

Check out is at 10 am, unless a late check out has been confirmed. Typically, housekeepers show up promptly at 10 am on check out day. With previously confirmed late check out, we ask that you lock up, shut all doors and windows and leave the key in the lock box. Checks out procedures are also printed in your house manual found inside the home.

Who do I call with house related issues once I am on the island?

All of our homes are appointed with a property manager. This person is responsible for any house questions or property emergencies. Your Concierge will provide you with their name and contact number. This information will also be provided on both your itinerary and in the house manual.

Is the water safe to drink?

Yes! The tap water on Kauai is tested on a monthly basis and is consistently above the national standard. According to the Board of Water Supply, Hawaii's tap water is some of the best quality drinking water. We encourage people to do their part in reducing plastic waste by drinking the local water vs. bottled water. We share one reusable souvenir water bottle, and can also pick up additional water bottles with arrival groceries. 

Each Pure Kauai home offers 1 or more of these filters:

  • Sink filtration
  • Refrigerator filtration
  • Water dispenser
  • Brita filter
  • Berkey charcoal water filters 

What does my Concierge do?

Pure Kauai Concierges are an incredible resource! They are available to help with all aspects of vacation planning from concept to completion, and will welcome you at your accommodations for a brief orientation. Kauai has become an exclusive destination. Securing activities and services prior to arrival is highly recommended. However, your Concierge can also set up activities and services while you are here, when availability exists. Pure Kauai Concierges are local experts that will ensure your vacation itinerary runs flawlessly.

What is the advantage of using the Concierge service?

Over 20 years, Pure Kauai has created a culture which attracts the people who facilitate the very best experiences available. Our Concierge team, and their professional network is a cornerstone of the Pure Kauai experience. They are hospitality professionals who built their careers in the Kauai travel industry, and will make your next ambitious vacation a breeze. From where to get the best fish to curating a 50th birthday celebration week, Pure Kauai Concierges will add immeasurable local insight and value to your experience. This intimate service comes with each Pure Kauai home reservation. There are no added fees when a Concierge creates a reservation within our large network of service and activity providers. Gratuities for Concierges may be included on your final invoice at your discretion.

Our Concierge's Commitment to You...

  • To add significant value to your experience
  • To keep our thumb on the beat of the island
  • To uphold an admirable attention to detail
  • To provide a 5-star experience on exclusive private properties
  • To facilitate culturally appropriate experiences our community can be proud of
  • To genuinely care about your vision and vacation experience

Recent Guest Review:

“Professional staff, more than willing to make your vacation an experience, not just a place to stay. Hard to beat their selection of vacation properties, and their service will make the experience even better!”  ~ Derek

When is payment collected for the Activity and Service Portion?

A Service/Activities Estimate will be sent to you before your stay. This will include a breakdown of costs, for your scheduled services/activities. Payment will be collected prior to your arrival, to confirm your scheduled services/activities.

You are welcome to add/change or delete any services while on the island. Our guest relations team will send your Final Service Invoice within 3-5 days of departure.

What are the cancellation policies for activities and services?

You can find specific cancellation policies per provider within the quotes your Concierge shares. "Private Tours" and "Private Chefs" will have stricter cancellation policies. Below is a general rule of thumb for Kauai activity and service cancellation policies. All outdoor activities go "rain or shine" on Kauai.

  • In-Home Services: 72 hours
  • Island Activities: 72hrs - 2 weeks (vendor/requests dependent)
  • Private Chef Services: 2 weeks (14 days from first scheduled meal) 

Holiday Pricing and Cancellations (Easter, July 4th, Thanksgiving, Dec 18th - Jan 3rd): 

  • In-Home Services and Island Activities: 72hrs - 2 weeks (vendor/requests dependent)
  • Private Chef Services: 1 month (30 days from first scheduled meal) 
  • Holiday Pricing: In-Home Services - Time and a Half (1.5x)


Gratuities are a personal preference. Tips are never expected, but always appreciated by all service providers. We do recommend bringing cash for your guide/crew on organized public tours. Private tours and airport transfers often have an auto gratuity included in the quote.You may leave cash tips for your in-home service provider at the time of service. We can always add gratuities for in-home service providers and your Concierge on the Final Service Invoice.

What do I need to bring on my vacation?

Our homes are stocked with everything needed for a comfortable vacation stay. Most properties include the basic house amenities: beach towels, toilet paper, laundry detergent, kitchen supplies, a hairdryer, an iron, etc. Feel free to contact your Concierge for any other accommodation amenities. REEF SAFE sunscreen can be added to your pre-arrival shopping list or purchased at many locations on island.

What is the weather like?

We are located in one of the most beautiful spots on earth with very comfortable weather and light trade winds. Because of our location we do get daily rain, keeping our waterfalls plentiful. In general, always plan on sun with passing showers, with the majority of our rains in the early mornings and evenings. Weather reports are very rarely accurate here, so always best to bring a light rain jacket or windbreaker for most outdoor activities, in the event of rain. Like anywhere else, Kauai does get the occasional storm that can pass through. In the event of a storm, this usually just means more rain than usual.

What time zone is Hawaii in?

We are in the Hawaiian and Aleutian time zone and we do not observe daylight savings time.

Air Conditioning

Hawaii is known for its trade winds. Many homes on Kauai have been designed for "open airflow" using screened windows and screened sliding doors, and DO NOT have air conditioning. Please be sure and confirm when making your reservation whether the home you have chosen does or does NOT have air conditioning. Depending on the season, or even the day, temperatures typically range between 74 to 84 for the highs, and 60 to 74 for the lows, year-round. Refunds or discounts ARE NOT given for lack of Air Conditioning in a property.

WiFi, Electric and Water

All Pure Kauai homes include utility services which include WiFi internet service, Electric Service, and Water Service. Please understand that our small island does occasionally experience hiccups in these services. While we at Pure Kauai, as well as the affiliated utility services strive to remedy any outages as quickly as possible. These services can be affected by any number of elements, including inclement weather, floods, system upgrades or repairs, etc. In general, Verizon and AT&T cell phones have the best coverage here on Kauai.