Travel Information


Aloha! We at Pure Kauai hope you are all excited and looking forward to your trip to Kauai. Below are some important notes, links, and information to clarify the rules and processes regarding arriving on Kauai. We also have an updated arrival procedure at our properties, as well as new cleaning protocols which have been adjusted to best ensure guest safety, as well as house staff safety during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

∙ MASKS ARE REQUIRED UNDER LAW IN KAUAI COUNTY. Information can be found here.



Travel Flow Chart 1-5-21 kauai

For additional information, please visit the Kauai County Covid 19 website.

∙ All short term rentals (stays for duration less than 6 months) MUST quarantine at a hotel or motel and CANNOT QUARANTINE AT A RENTAL HOME. 

∙ All long term rentals (stays of 6 months or longer) may quarantine at the home of residence only. 

∙ Pure Kauai is NOT responsible for any travel-related delays regarding testing, results, or other issues. 

∙ ALL Adults (18 years and older) must register and complete the traveler health form on the State of Hawaii Digital System:

∙ Hawaii Travel Details can be found here:

∙ Kauai Island rules and case updates can be found here:

∙ Kauai Directory of Resources for COVID-19, including on-island testing and health care services can be found by clicking HERE

∙ Please understand that these are government mandates and Pure Kauai has no control over these rules. The rules are strictly enforced by the Kauai Police Department and National Guard upon arrival at the airport as well as around the island. ∙

∙ As of 10/14/2020, Kauai has opted in to the FOUR-TIER SAFETY PROGRAM which looks as follows: 
∙ Both inter-island and trans-Pacific travelers will need to adhere to Kaua‘i’s four-tier program that establishes when certain activities and businesses may operate and builds in an opt-out to the pre-test quarantine bypass.
Tier 4 (current status) is designated by less than two daily active cases, where the county currently stands. Allowed on this level are nearly all businesses and activities with minimal restrictions. On this tier, the 72-hour, pre-travel test program is in effect for all visitors.
Tier 3 would be in effect when a weekly average of two to four daily COVID-19 cases occurs. Trans-Pacific travelers can still test out of the quarantine, but restrictions on gatherings would go into effect.
Tier 2 is when the county will opt out of the pre-travel testing program, and the two-week quarantine will be required for all travelers. This will be triggered when the county hits one-week average of daily COVID-19 cases between five to eight.
The most restrictive step, Tier 1, would go into effect when there’s a one-week average of eight or more cases per day registered on the island. Here, no pre-testing quarantine exemptions will be allowed.
∙ Please continue to check on any updates here:

Activities and Services, Rental Cars and Delivery:

∙ While Pure Kauai continues to offer full concierge service for our guests, please be aware that as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, MANY activity providers are running on reduced/limited/adjusted schedules, and some services are not available at this time. Please reach out to your host directly to get a current list of what is available. Also please note that for any in-home services, masks are required by law, and some vendors may ask for proof of negative test results prior to performing work in the home. Pure Kauai is not responsible for any guest or vendor exposure as a result of activities or services. 

∙ The rental car companies must scan your "approved" QR code at the time of rental car pickup. Additionally, due to the increased security surrounding quarantine and the rental car process, the rental car companies ARE NO LONGER OFFERING CAR DELIVERY TO HOMES. If you are flying private, the rental companies should be able to deliver vehicles to the FBO. Please speak with your Pure Kauai host for additional details. 

Updated Arrival procedure and Cleaning Procedures at our properties:

∙ Although it has always been Pure Kauai’s standard procedure to greet all incoming guests at the property, in an effort to minimize exposure and potential spread of the Covid-19 virus, hosts WILL NOT be greeting guests in person. Hosts will work with property managers prior to arrival to prep the house, deliver any pre-arrival items, as well as have things all opened up and ready for guest arrival. 

∙ Concierge services have always been, and continue to be a cornerstone of the Pure Kauai host position. Pending availability, I am happy to make any and all arrangements you may need during your time here. This can include, but is not limited to: pre-arrival grocery stocking at the house, personal assistant work, private chef services, surf lessons and board rentals, horseback riding, small boat tours, yoga and personal training, restaurant reservations, and more. Please be aware that as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, most tour operators are running on a limited/reduced schedule and only offering private experiences. Some activities and services may not be available at this time. Please let me know if you have interest in reserving activities and services and I can provide you a best list of what is available.

∙ Don’t forget that Kauai has 91 beaches and over 113 miles of coast line, most of which are open to the public. Explore and enjoy! 
Because our island has fared very well during the pandemic, partly due to being closed off from outside visitors, we have maintained strict social distancing standards, as well as enforced wearing masks when in any shops/restaurants, as well as when in any busy public spaces. Here in Hawaii, the new standard “greeting” is called “Shakas Not Shakes” 🤙🏼 (or a hand wave works too!). We ask that you please help us keep our island and community safe and open by following these guidelines. 

∙ You can find all of the most recent visitor information at: or

Housekeeping Prior to your arrival and during your stay: 

∙ Our housekeepers have stepped up the sanitization process of the house prior to arrival, and the house should be clean and disinfected. Due to new housekeeping guidelines, we are no longer doing same-day (back-to-back) turnaround bookings, so the house should have a minimum 24 hour (if not longer) period between guests. 

∙ Due to Covid-19, we are taking the utmost precautions to ensure both guest and staff safety for housekeeping service during your stay. During the housekeeping service/mid-stay cleaning, IT IS REQUIRED that guests vacate the house while the housekeeping staff is cleaning the home. If you DO NOT vacate the house during the scheduled housekeeping serivce(s), the cleaners will not clean, and you will be billed a minimum of 4 hours @$45/hr. The housekeepers will be wearing full PPE, including, but not limited to: gloves, mask, face shield or glasses, as well as using disinfectants, etc. If there are any areas or items that you do NOT want the housekeepers to work on/in, please do let us know in advance so that we can be sure and notify everyone. If you do not want housekeeping, or are unable/unwilling to leave the house during this time, please request cancellation within 72 hours of the scheduled cleaning to avoid cancellation fee. Please note that some homes have MANDATORY housekeeping requirements which cannot be cancelled. Please ask your host. If you have any other specific housekeeping requests, please reach out to your host directly and we will do our best to accommodate! 

We sincerely appreciate your help in keeping both yourselves and the Kauai community safe during these new and challenging times. 


Trip Preparation and FAQs

Aloha from Pure Kauai!

We are pleased to be a part of your Kauai vacation! We want your stay to be as memorable and relaxing as it possibly can be. We hope this FAQ will answer some of your questions, to help you better your stay. In addition, please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any additional questions or comments. We are very much looking forward to having you as our guest!

· What are the current rules and laws regarding COVID-19 on Kauai

Please click the link below for all the updated rules regarding COVID-19 on Kauai. This is very important especially for arrival, pretesting, and quarantine rules.

· Where do I have items sent to via mail?

None of our houses accept mail or packages. All items should be mailed to the Pure Kauai office as addressed below. Your host will deliver them to the house once they arrive.

Pure Kauai
c/o YOUR NAME – House Name
Attn: (host/concierge name)
5118 iolani place
Princeville, HI  96722

· What are the standard check in and check out times?

All of our properties include a 3pm Check In and 10 am Check Out. We do try and accommodate an early check in or later check out requests, if possible. Most properties offer later check outs for an additional half-day rate, in order to accommodate guests with an evening departure. Please note, that this service needs to be setup prior to arrival. If you would like to set this up, please contact your Island Host

· What are check out procedures?

Check out at your home is 10 am. Typically, housekeepers show up promptly at 10 am on check out day. In the event that you need a little extra time, we will do our best to accommodate, if the home is available. If you have an evening flight and would like an evening check out, that is available for 1/2 day rate plus tax for a check out up until 6 pm. Most homes ask that you lock up, shut all doors and windows and leave the key in the lockbox if there is one. Checks out procedures are typically printed in your house manual found inside the home.

· Who do I call with house related issues once I am on the island?

 All of our homes are appointed with a property manager. This person is responsible for any house questions or property emergencies. Your host, will provide you with their name and contact number. This information will also be provided on both your itinerary and in the house manual.

· Is the water safe to drink?

Yes. The tap water on Kauai is tested regularly on a monthly basis and is way above the national standard. We encourage people to do their part in reducing plastic waste by drinking the local water vs. bottled water.

· What does my Island Host/Personal Concierge do?

Your Island Host/Personal Concierge is there to assist you in setting up any services or activities before and during your stay here on the Island. They will welcome you at your accommodations while answering any basic house questions. It is recommended that you set up any activities prior to coming to the Island. However, your Island Host can also set up activities while you are here. Your Island Host will also ensure that your vacation itinerary runs flawlessly by checking in with you throughout your stay. 

· What is the advantage of using the concierge service?

Over the years we have determined which companies are the safest, offer the best experience, and are the most recommended. Essentially, we do all the legwork and book your activities/services so you don’t have to. There is no added fee for this service; it’s the same price as if you booked these items directly.  We simply want to make your vacation as easy and enjoyable as possible.

· When is payment collected for the Activity & Service Portion?

A Service Invoice Estimate will be sent to you before your stay. This will include a breakdown of costs, for your scheduled activities/services. Payment will be collected prior to your arrival, to confirm your scheduled activities/services.

Should you add/change or delete any services while on the island, we send your Final Service Invoice within 30 days of departure.

· What are the cancellation policies for activities and services?

  • 72 hour cancellation policy for activities and services
  • 1 week for cancellation policy for private chef services
  • During the holidays, activities are still 72 hours (unless the vendor’s policy says otherwise) and chefs have a 30 day cancellation policy (30 days from first scheduled meal) 
  • Please note that “private” tours and activities will have a more stringent cancellation policy. 
  • It is detailed in writing in your rental contract as well. Feel free to contact your Island Host for additional questions regarding the Activity & Services Cancellation Policy. All outdoor activities here will go out rain or shine.

· Do I TIP?

Gratuities are a personal preference. They are appreciated by all of our service providers. We do recommend bringing cash for the Activity Vendors & Group Tours. You may also leave a cash tip for your service provider at the time of service. We can also add gratuity for services “in house” on your Final Invoice upon check out.

· When can I expect my security deposit to be refunded?

Your security deposit will be returned to you via check within 2-4 weeks of your departure, less any property damages (if occurred). Please note that exceeding the maximum number of guests allowed at the property can result in total loss of your entire security deposit.

· What do I need to bring on my vacation?

Our homes are stocked with everything needed for a comfortable vacation stay. Most properties include the basic house amenities: beach towels, toilet paper, laundry detergent, kitchen supplies, a hairdryer, an iron, etc. Feel free to contact your Island Host for any other accommodation amenities.

· What is the weather like?

We are located in one of the most beautiful spots on earth with very comfortable weather and light trade winds. Because of our location we do get daily rain, keeping our waterfalls plentiful. In general, always plan on sun with passing showers, with the majority of our rains in the early mornings and evenings. Weather reports are very rarely accurate here, so always best to bring a light rain jacket or windbreaker for most outdoor activities, in the event of rain. Like anywhere else, Kauai does get the occasional storm that can pass through. In the event of a storm, this usually just means more rain than usual.

· What time zone is Hawaii in?

We are in the Hawaiian – Aleutian time zone and we do not observe daylight savings time.

· Air Conditioning

Hawaii is known for its trade winds. Many homes on Kauai have been designed for "open airflow" using screened windows and screened sliding doors, and DO NOT have air conditioning. Please be sure and confirm when making your reservation whether the home you have chosen does or does NOT have air conditioning. Depending on the season, or even the day, temperatures typically range between 74º - 84º for the highs, and 60 - 74º for the lows, year-round. Refunds or discounts ARE NOT given for lack of Air Conditioning in a property. 

· WiFi, Electric and Water

 All Pure Kauai homes include utility services which include WiFi internet service, Electric Service, and Water Service. Please understand that our small island does occasionally experience hiccups in these services. While we at Pure Kauai, as well as the affiliated utility services strive to remedy any outages as quickly as possible. These services can be affected by any number of elements, including inclement weather, floods, system upgrades or repairs, etc. In general, Verizon and AT&T cell phones have the best coverage here on Kauai.