Princeville is located at the North Shore Kauai and features championship golf courses, luxurious home rentals, high-end condos, and a large selection of fine dining. Princeville has an abundance of cliffside views overlooking the ocean, local markets, and plenty of outdoor activities for the entire family.

Princeville is a popular cliffside beach town with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. Located on Kauai's North Shore, it offers immaculate sunsets, access to shopping centers, restaurants, hidden beaches, and other outdoor activities to keep the entire family entertained. Find a true hidden gem hideaway and choose from our selection of luxury condos, ocean view homes, or beachfront villas to ensure you have a relaxing and luxurious vacation in the perfect Hawaiian setting.

Reasons to Vacation in Princeville

Princeville is located on the scenic Kauai North Shore and is conveniently located near beautiful beaches, hidden waterfall hikes, and local eateries. Princeville has an abundance of outdoor activities for the entire family to enjoy.

Queen's Bath

Queen's Bath is one of nature's natural wonders and one of Princeville's favorite summertime attractions. Carved out of the rocks, Queen's Bath is a unique tide pool that formed after a lava tube collapsed and filled with fresh water supplied by natural springs. Although it looks tempting to swim, please use caution.

Princeville Botanical Gardens

Get an up close at a garden paradise featuring unique plants throughout Kauai's ecosystem. Explore a 9-acre, breathtaking nature walk is filled with native Kauai plants and flowers in the beautifully landscaped gardens. One of the most popular ways to see the Botanical Gardens is to combine it with a gourmet chocolate tasting to get a behind the scenes look at how chocolate is made.

Ziplining at Princeville Ranch

Among the most popular tours on the island, ziplining on the private Princeville Ranch will have you flying over treetops guaranteeing you with unforgettable views of Kauai. To finish off the experience, you'll walk a suspension bridge spanning a waterfall.

Pali Ke Kau Beach

Better known as Hideaway Beach, this tranquil setting to get some rest and relaxation. Pali Ke Kau beach has gorgeous turquoise colored water, white sandy beaches, and a secluded setting that offers a truly relaxing afternoon of listening to the waves crash against the shoreline.

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Large Princeville home with pool and jacuzzi on the Makai Golf Course



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